Young women in remote areas exchanging sex for sanitary pads

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Amdiya Abdul-Latiff, the CEO of Eco-me Africa, has disclosed that some teenage girls in rural regions are coerced into having sex with males in order to obtain money for sanitary pads.

Many of the girls, in her opinion, come from impoverished backgrounds and cannot afford quality sanitary towels for their monthly menstruation cycle.

On Monday, Mrs. Amadiya Abdul-Latiff discussed the problems teenagers face in order to purchase ordinary sanitary pads with Prime Morning host Asieduwaa Akumia.

“They were employing unclean methods, such as newspapers, dirty rags, dried leaves, socks—which are actually very popular—unhygienic rags, and socks. They use anything that may absorb and hold blood because they are readily available in rural areas, according to Mrs.

The CEO of Eco-me Africa added that she was assigned to work as a student’s teacher at a rural school.

She observed the challenges that girls in primary schools must deal with there.

She claimed that this circumstance explains why girls leave school.

Those who persisted in school substituted unconventional materials for sanitary towels. Most of them are at risk for infections.

She claims that some females are pushed to the point where they will sleep with guys in exchange for pads.

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