Tension in North East Region as Youth Protest Military Attempt to Arrest Newly Enskinned Bawku Naaba

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Young people are protesting against the military’s attempt to arrest the recently-installed Bawku Naaba by the Nayiri, which is causing tension in the North East Region. In order to vent their outrage, young people in several towns, such as Nalerigu and Walewale, torched lorry tires and tore down New Patriotic Party (NPP) billboards while screaming war songs.

Walewale NPP office destroyed

Youth group sources voiced dissatisfaction with the military and administration over the recent unrest in Bawku and Nalerigu and warned to use all legal means to reject any attempt to detain the Nayiri and the rival Bawku chief.

Alhaji Seidu Abagre is said to have been appointed the new chief for Bawku by Naa Bohugu Mahami I, the King of the Maprugu Traditional region, on Wednesday, February 15, at the Nayiri Palace in Nalerigu. The government, however, ruled the installation to be invalid and issued a warrant for the new chief’s arrest.

The young people fiercely resisted the military’s attempt to make the arrest on Sunday night, and on Monday morning they vented their resentment by taking to the streets.

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