Sarkodie Speaks Out Against Power Crisis Impacting Tema General Hospital

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Sarkodie Speaks Out Against Power Crisis Impacting Tema General Hospital

Award-winning Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has voiced his concern over the recent power outage at the babies’ ward of Tema General Hospital, highlighting the potentially grave consequences it poses to the lives of infants in incubators.

Following the distressing incident, a viral video circulated on social media, featuring a nurse expressing her dismay at the situation and emphasizing the imminent threat to the newborns’ lives due to the lack of electricity.

“They just turned the lights off at Tema General Hospital right now … if we don’t get light in few minutes, the probability that we might lose a lot of babies is high,”

the nurse lamented in the video, prompting widespread attention and concern from the Ghanaian populace.

In response to the video, Sarkodie took to his Instagram story to share his thoughts on the matter, expressing his dismay and attributing the power outage to what he perceives as misplaced priorities on the part of the government.

“The impact when we misplace priorities. We pray for these innocent babies,”

Sarkodie wrote, echoing the sentiments of many who were troubled by the incident.

The power crisis in Ghana has been a recurring issue in recent times, with widespread reports of erratic power cuts across the country. In light of this, various stakeholders, including the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission, have called for the implementation of a load-shedding timetable to manage the situation effectively.

However, Energy Minister Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, speaking at the inauguration of the NPP campaign team in the Ashanti Region, challenged those advocating for a load-shedding timetable to provide their own proposed schedules. He dismissed the need for such a timetable, citing assurances from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) that it is not necessary.

“Let those who want the timetable bring it. I don’t know of any timetable because the ECG has said it is not necessary. Why would someone just wish evil for the country?” Dr. Opoku Prempeh questioned, addressing critics of the government’s handling of the power crisis.

As the debate over the power crisis continues to escalate, concerns about its impact on critical sectors such as healthcare remain at the forefront, with Sarkodie’s outspoken commentary shedding light on the urgent need for effective solutions to ensure the welfare and safety of all citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

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