S3fa Challenges Perceptions of Disunity Among Ghanaian Musicians

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S3fa Challenges Perceptions of Disunity Among Ghanaian Musicians

While the notion of disunity among Ghanaian musicians is a persistent topic of discussion, S3fa, a talented artist signed under Black Avenue, has shed light on what she believes to be a misconception perpetuated by social media.

In a recent interview on Property FM in Cape Coast, the Echoke artist delved into the perception of discord among Ghanaian musicians and attributed it to the influence of commentary on social platforms.

S3fa articulated her perspective, stating,

“The funny thing is that they say that the people outside, that means you haven’t even seen it, and it’s just things that are being put on social media that they’re judging from.”

To counter the narrative of disunity, she underscored the unity and mutual respect demonstrated by Ghanaian artists during shows, particularly in December. She emphasized how fellow artists rally to support one another during performances, especially in the festive season.

“I think that in the industry, we are okay, and we’re friendly as colleagues, especially when it gets to December. You know all these artists that do shows, and you have colleagues going to support them all the time. I do it all the time, so there’s unity,”

S3fa firmly stated.

While there might not be a constant public display of camaraderie, S3fa stressed that unity exists within the Ghanaian music industry. She explained that artists may not always be seen socializing together due to their commitment to their craft and individual career development.

“So you might not see us partying all the time because everybody is busy working,”

she added.

S3fa’s perspective offers a valuable insight into the dynamics of the Ghanaian music industry, challenging misconceptions about disunity and highlighting the supportive and united spirit among artists, particularly during significant events like concerts.

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