Oforikrom Municipal Farmers Urge Ghana Standards Authority to Ensure Quality Agro-Chemicals for Enhanced Production

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Oforikrom Municipal Farmers Urge Ghana Standards Authority to Ensure Quality Agro-Chemicals for Enhanced Production

Farmers in the Oforikrom municipality are calling on the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) to enforce stringent measures to guarantee that all agro-chemical products available in the market meet the required standards.

Expressing their concern, farmers highlighted the diminishing quality of agro-chemicals, impacting crop production and bolstering pest resistance.

Benjamin Afrane, crowned the 2023 Best Farmer for the municipality, emphasized the challenges faced by farmers, stating,

“Some of the agro-chemicals we use on the farm in recent times do not produce the expected result. Farmers have to use their own discretion to measure the volume of pesticides they will apply on their farm because if you follow the direction on the label, it doesn’t work as it used to. The quality has dropped, but prices keep increasing. The Standards Authority should look into this.”

The Farmers Day celebration in the Oforikrom municipality recognized the exceptional contributions of Benjamin Afrane and eight other farmers towards the country’s food security. Municipal Chief Executive of Oforikrom, Abraham Kwame Antwi, highlighted the Assembly’s collaboration with the Crops Research Institute to develop high-yielding and disease-resistant spring onion seedlings.

Antwi stated,

“We realize our farmers suffer in getting seedlings for spring onions. They have to import them from Burkina Faso at a high cost. We want to develop our own breed of spring onions to help the farmers, hence the decision to enter into an MOU with CRI to undertake the research. The seedlings will be easily accessible and affordable to the farmers.”

Encouraging youth participation in agriculture, Antwi urged the younger generation to seize opportunities like the second phase of the Planting for Food and Jobs program, viewing agriculture as an “economic venture where you go and reap in a peaceful atmosphere.”

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Stakeholders in the agricultural sector believe that with the right support, Ghanaian farmers can surpass domestic consumption, reducing the need for food imports significantly. This underscores the potential for increased self-sufficiency in food production and a positive impact on the country’s economy.

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