Man allegedly loses his penis after shaking shoemaker’s hand at Kasoa

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Man allegedly loses his penis after shaking shoemaker’s hand at Kasoa

Bizarre Incidents of Genital Disappearance Stir Fear and Outrage in Kasoa

A peculiar and alarming incident unfolded at Kasoa overhead in the Central Region, where a 21-year-old Pragya rider, Yusif Bukari, reportedly found himself deprived of his manhood shortly after a handshake with a local shoemaker. Suspected to be linked to occult practices, the occurrence has left residents in shock and fear.

Eyewitnesses described a scene of turmoil as news of the bizarre incident spread rapidly, drawing a large crowd to the location. Some spectators, fueled by suspicion and anger, attempted to take matters into their own hands, posing threats against Bukari, the alleged victim.

Prompt intervention by local authorities led to the arrest of Bukari, who was subsequently transferred to the Kasoa Central District Police Command for further investigation. Disturbing reports indicate that Bukari endured physical assault prior to his arrest.

This disturbing event is not an isolated case in the region. Recent accounts have emerged of similar occurrences where individuals purportedly lost their genitalia after innocently shaking hands with strangers in Kasoa. Merely a week ago, a 47-year-old Pragya rider allegedly experienced a similar fate following an encounter with a shoemaker.

In an interview with Kasapa News’ Yaw Boagyan, concerned residents voiced their shock and apprehension regarding the recurring incidents, emphasizing the urgent need for action and heightened vigilance in the area.

Authorities are diligently working to unravel the truth behind these mysterious incidents plaguing Kasoa, a town already notorious for criminal activities.

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