Kumawood Star Lil Win Makes Surprising Political Aspirations for Afigya Kwabere South Seat

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Kumawood Star Lil Win Makes Surprising Political Aspirations for Afigya Kwabere South Seat

The Ghanaian entertainment sphere is currently abuzz with an unexpected and intriguing development, as renowned Kumawood actor Kwadwo Nkansah, affectionately known as Lil Win, has thrown his hat into the political arena by announcing his intention to contest for the Afigya Kwabere South parliamentary seat in the Ashanti Region.

This unprecedented leap into the world of politics follows an outpouring of support from a constellation of traditional leaders, influential figures, and constituents who have recognized and endorsed Lil Win’s innate leadership qualities.

During a recent interview on Accra-based Okay FM, Lil Win disclosed his decision, unveiling that the notion of entering politics began to germinate in October 2022. The resonance of this idea was so potent that it extended to reach his family members, including his mother.

After considerable introspection, the beloved actor resolved to embrace the challenge and stand as an Independent Candidate in the parliamentary elections. This decision was neither hasty nor superficial; Lil Win candidly shared that he had not initially entertained thoughts of embarking on a political journey.

However, the persistent and fervent support from his community became a compelling force that he could no longer ignore.Lil Win emphasized that the constituents’ unwavering faith in his leadership capabilities played a pivotal role in influencing his decision. Their resounding belief in his potential to enact positive change and lead effectively served as a driving factor.

Of particular significance is Lil Win’s notable contribution to the district, underscored by the establishment of “Great Minds,” his educational institution. Despite his stature in the entertainment realm, Lil Win’s investments in education and substantial support to various residents have not gone unnoticed.

These accomplishments have solidified the constituents’ conviction that he is equipped to achieve even greater milestones with the right resources and support.

“I wasn’t initially inclined towards the idea of candidacy, but now, I am compelled to respond to the call of my people,” Lil Win affirmed.

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As Lil Win embarks on this novel journey toward a parliamentary seat, the spotlight will undoubtedly remain on him. Observers are eager to witness how his entertainment background seamlessly converges with his commitment to the welfare of his constituents, ultimately manifesting in his political endeavors.


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