Ghanaian Rapper Amerado Shares Remarkable Inspiration Behind Latest Track ‘Kwaku Ananse’

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Ghanaian Rapper Amerado Shares Remarkable Inspiration Behind Latest Track ‘Kwaku Ananse’

 The talented Ghanaian rapper, Amerado, has recently unveiled the captivating backstory behind his latest track, ‘Kwaku Ananse,’ offering a glimpse into the extraordinary journey that led to its creation.

In a compelling interview on #3FMDrive with Giovani and AJ Sarpong on Tuesday, September 12, Amerado delved into the song’s inspiration, revealing a fascinating connection to the O2 Arena saga and his aspirations to support his family.

When asked about the genesis of the song, Amerado candidly shared that he doesn’t adhere to conventional songwriting techniques. Instead, his music is a reflection of his emotions, resulting in somber melodies when he’s downcast and lively tunes when he’s joyful.

Amerado disclosed that he had annually prayed to God for a hit song, and he expressed hope that ‘Kwaku Ananse’ would be the answer to his prayers.

Addressing whether meticulous planning played a role in the song’s creation, Amerado provided a remarkable revelation. He unequivocally stated that the song’s emergence was nothing short of a “miracle.” For the first time in his career, Amerado humbly knelt down and fervently prayed, seeking divine guidance to craft a chart-topping song. This revelation underscores the profound connection between his faith and his musical creativity.

The rapper further revealed that he recorded ‘Kwaku Ananse’ just a day before embarking on his journey to Kumasi. As he drove to Kumasi, the song resonated deeply with him, leaving a lasting emotional impact.

Currently, Amerado is actively promoting his latest masterpiece, ‘Kwaku Ananse,’ a testament to his dedication and unique approach to music.

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This revelation offers a rare glimpse into the spiritual and creative process of a rapper whose faith plays a pivotal role in his musical journey. Amerado’s commitment to his craft and his belief in the power of prayer exemplify the depth of passion and determination that drives his musical endeavors.

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