Deadly Explosion Hits Guinea’s Main Oil Refinery in Conakry

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Deadly Explosion Hits Guinea’s main oil refinery in Conakry, Guinea, was rocked by a massive explosion, claiming the lives of at least eight individuals and leaving dozens injured. Eyewitnesses described the force of the blast, which shattered windows in downtown Conakry and prompted hundreds of residents to flee the area.

The incident, caused by a fire whose origins remain unclear, led authorities to close schools in the city and advise workers to remain at home. Reports indicate that eight charred bodies were taken to the morgue at Ignace Deen Hospital, with varying estimates of the injured ranging from 84 to 100.

The fire ignited around midnight local time and continued to rage for hours, emitting billowing black smoke visible from miles away. Government spokesperson Ousmane Gaoual Diallo acknowledged the challenge of confirming casualty figures, stating,

“We still haven’t finished counting the number of victims.”

In response to the crisis, a dedicated unit has been established under the pri me minister’s leadership to manage the ongoing fire and its aftermath. The severity of the explosion and resulting fire has caused widespread concern, prompting a concerted effort from authorities to address the situation and assist those affected by this tragic incident.


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