Court Orders Shatta Wale to Pay $120K for Missed Wildaland Festival Performance

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Court Orders Shatta Wale to Pay $120K for Missed Wildaland Festival Performance

Ghanaian dancehall sensation, Shatta Wale, has been directed by the court to reimburse the organizers of the Wildaland festival with an amount totaling $120,000, along with an additional $10,000 in interest. The court ruling comes after Shatta Wale failed to fulfill his commitment to perform at the 2021 Wildaland festival, despite having received full payment from the event organizers.

In 2021, Shatta Wale was slated to be one of the featured artists at the annual Wildaland festival. However, for undisclosed reasons known only to him, the dancehall artist chose not to make an appearance after already being compensated by the festival organizers.

Following the legal proceedings, the court has now mandated Shatta Wale to repay the initial sum along with accrued interest. Additionally, he has been instructed to pay an extra GHC20,000 as compensation for damages incurred by the organizers due to his absence.

As of now, Shatta Wale has not issued a response or presented his side of the story regarding the court’s decision. The unresolved nature of the case has led many to question whether the artist similarly declined to perform at the Wolverhampton event, as alleged by the organizers. In a recent occurrence in Wolverhampton, the event planners accused Shatta Wale of reneging on his commitment to perform despite having received partial payment for the appearance.

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The unfolding legal developments have left fans and the public eagerly anticipating Shatta Wale’s perspective on the matter, as the dancehall artist navigates the aftermath of these allegations and the subsequent court ruling.

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