Bugri Naabu leaked tape ; Police interdict 3 high-ranking officers amidst investigations

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Ghana Police Service Suspends Three High-Ranking Officers Amid Controversial Audio Tape Probe in Bugri Naabu leaked tape.

In a momentous development, the Ghana Police Service has made the decision to suspend three of its top-ranking officers in relation to the contentious audio recording that has recently come under scrutiny in Parliament.

The officers in question, namely Commissioner of Police (COP) Mr. George Alex Mensah, Superintendent Mr. Emmanuel Eric Gyebi, and Superintendent Mr. George Lysander Asare, have been officially placed on suspension while further disciplinary actions are contemplated, following the protocols established by the Police Service regulations.

This move comes as a pivotal step in the ongoing investigation into the in Bugri Naabu leaked tape audi0, which has raised concerns and garnered significant attention from the public and legislative bodies alike. The decision to interdict these high-ranking officers underscores the commitment of the Ghana Police Service to maintain transparency and accountability in its ranks.

The Ghana Police Service, an integral component of the nation’s security apparatus, recognizes the importance of upholding the highest standards of conduct and ethics among its officers. This suspension aims to facilitate a comprehensive inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the controversial audio recording and to ensure that due process is followed.

Commissioner of Police (COP) Mr. George Alex Mensah, Superintendent Mr. Emmanuel Eric Gyebi, and Superintendent Mr. George Lysander Asare are expected to remain on interdiction throughout the duration of the investigation. The Police Service regulations dictate that interdiction is a standard procedure pending the outcome of disciplinary proceedings.

Authorities are committed to a thorough and impartial investigation to uncover the truth behind the audio tape, and the Ghana Police Service is determined to cooperate fully with parliamentary and legal inquiries to maintain public trust.

In response to this development, the Police Service spokesperson stated,

“We are committed to upholding the integrity of our institution and ensuring that the due process is followed in this matter. We take these allegations seriously, and we are fully cooperating with relevant authorities to establish the facts surrounding the audio recording.”

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As the investigation unfolds, the Ghanaian public and stakeholders will be closely monitoring the proceedings to ensure transparency and accountability are maintained at all levels of the Ghana Police Service. Further updates on this matter will be provided as they become available.

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