Ghana Police Report Reveals Alarming Increase in Road Crashes in 2023

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Ghana Police Report Reveals Alarming Increase in Road Crashes in 2023

The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service has released a concerning report, revealing that a total of 14,135 road crashes were recorded in the year 2023.

This figure marks a significant increase from the 14,960 crashes reported in the previous year, 2022.

Among the most distressing statistics are the 2,276 fatalities resulting from these accidents, indicating a tragic toll on human lives. Additionally, 15,409 individuals sustained varying degrees of injuries, highlighting the widespread impact of road accidents on public safety.

In the breakdown provided by the MTTD, the capital city, Accra, topped the list with 4,797 recorded road crashes in 2023. The bustling industrial city of Tema followed with 994 crashes, while other regions such as Ashanti, Eastern, and Central also reported substantial numbers of accidents.

The specific regional breakdown for 2023 road crashes includes Ashanti with 2,312 incidents, Ashanti North at 421, Ashanti South at 684, and the Eastern region reporting 490 crashes. The MTTD’s data further illustrates the distribution of accidents across various regions, underscoring the need for targeted interventions and improved road safety measures.

A startling revelation is the involvement of a total of 23,998 vehicles in these accidents. The report details that commercial vehicles accounted for 8,084 incidents, private vehicles were involved in 10,767 crashes, and motorcycles contributed to 5,147 accidents. This comprehensive breakdown sheds light on the diverse factors contributing to the high number of road crashes, emphasizing the necessity for a holistic approach to address road safety concerns.

Authorities and road safety advocates are now faced with the challenge of devising effective strategies to curb the rising trend of road accidents. The MTTD’s report serves as a call to action for increased awareness, stricter enforcement of traffic regulations, and the implementation of measures to improve road infrastructure.

As Ghana enters 2024, there is a collective hope that concerted efforts from law enforcement, government agencies, and the public will contribute to a significant reduction in road accidents and, ultimately, save lives on the nation’s roads.

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