Ras Mubarak Opposes Proposed Increase in Passport Application Fees

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Ras Mubarak Opposes Proposed Increase in Passport Application Fees

Former Member of Parliament for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak, has expressed his disagreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration’s potential increase in passport application fees.

He argues that the current economic climate, marked by rising costs of various products like internet data, makes it an inappropriate time for such fee hikes.

Mubarak stated, “It is not a good time to increase the prices of anything; data is becoming more expensive, and to apply for a passport, you have to initiate it online. It will be a bit insensitive to increase the fees of acquiring passports at this moment,” during a media interaction on Tuesday, November 28.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration had earlier hinted at the possibility of raising passport application fees due to increased production costs and higher charges by other countries in the sub-region. Deputy Minister Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong revealed the need for the adjustment, pointing out that Liberia charges $50 for passport applications, while Ghana charges $8, resulting in the need for subsidies.

He further explained, “So the money to buy the printers is used to subsidize the passports… And also, we are thinking of upgrading our passport from biometric to chip-embedded. So the chip-embedded version is going to cost more. If we continue charging at $8, we will continue to face the problems that we are having at the passport office. So we have to raise the fees.”

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The proposal has stirred concerns from individuals like Ras Mubarak, who believe that any increase in passport application fees should be reconsidered, taking into account the financial challenges faced by citizens in various aspects of their lives. The ongoing debate emphasizes the delicate balance between government revenue needs and the economic burden on the populace.

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