Cyber Security Authority Alerts Public to Soaring Business Fraud Ahead of Black Friday Sales

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Cyber Security Authority Alerts Public to Soaring Business Fraud Ahead of Black Friday Sales

Vigilance Encouraged Amidst 50% Surge in Fraud Cases

As the highly anticipated Black Friday sales approach, the Cyber Security Authority has raised an alarm over a significant uptick in business fraud. According to the latest statistics, the Authority reported a staggering 50% increase in fraud cases, soaring from 159 incidents in 2022 to 320 cases as of October 2023.

Black Friday sales, a phenomenon gaining momentum in Ghana, mirror the trend in various other countries. With shops and retail outlets offering substantial discounts, customers eagerly anticipate the opportunity to make purchases at reduced rates. However, amidst the excitement, the Cyber Security Authority is cautioning the public to exercise heightened vigilance, especially regarding enticing offers and freebies during this sales period.

The authority’s warning comes as Black Friday draws near, emphasizing the need for consumers to be cautious and discerning in the face of the rising threat of business fraud. As shoppers eagerly await the discounts and promotions, there is an urgent call for increased awareness regarding the potential risks associated with seemingly attractive deals.

Agyapongmaa, a consumer with high hopes for Black Friday, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming sales period, stating that it allows her to make more purchases with minimal expenditure. However, the Cyber Security Authority’s advisory serves as a timely reminder for consumers like Agyapongmaa to approach Black Friday deals with a discerning eye and an awareness of the potential risks involved.

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As businesses gear up for Black Friday sales and consumers prepare to take advantage of the discounts, the Cyber Security Authority’s alert serves as a crucial reminder to prioritize online safety and exercise caution during this period of heightened cyber threats.

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