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Ghana Police Apologize for Inconveniences and Commit to Facilitating Peaceful Demonstrations

After the conclusion of the three-day demonstration organized by the Democracy Hub group, the Ghana Police have extended their gratitude to the public, particularly those in Accra, for their support and cooperation in upholding law and order throughout the protest.

The Police acknowledged and apologized for any inconvenience experienced by members of the public, especially those who encountered traffic disruptions during the demonstration.

“As the demonstration has concluded, we look forward to meeting with the organizers for a debriefing session, aiming to foster more productive engagements in the future,” stated a release issued by the Police on Saturday, September 23.

The statement further emphasized that the Ghana Police Service is not opposed to any individual or group wishing to engage in peaceful demonstrations. They highlighted their track record of providing security for demonstrations in the past and pledged to continue doing so, always within the boundaries of the law.

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Police encouraged the general public to maintain their partnership with law enforcement agencies, emphasizing their commitment to advancing democratic values and ensuring the preservation of peace and security in the nation.

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