Ghanaian Songstress OV reveals – Stonebwouy still wanted to work with me “lowkey” after sacking us from his label-

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Ghanaian Songstress OV reveals Insights on Post-Contract Relationship with Stonebwoy

Ghanaian songstress OV recently shed light on her post-contract relationship with her former label boss, the acclaimed musician Stonebwoy.

In a candid interview with Kwaku Manu, OV revealed that despite the termination of their contractual arrangement in 2019, Stonebwoy expressed interest in continuing to collaborate with her, albeit discreetly.

OV disclosed, “After the termination, I had a meeting, several meetings with big brother (Stonebwoy). He said he wants to work with me lowkey, but he wants Ayisha Modi to manage me, and I told him no.” She went on to clarify her reasons for declining the offer, expressing reservations about Ayisha Modi’s professional experience in artist management. OV stated, “Professionally, I hadn’t seen her work with any artiste, and that is not even the main thing. I don’t think she has experience in managing an artiste.”

The “Want Me” singer emphasized that her decision was based on both professional and personal considerations. She elaborated, “For personal reasons, I chose not to work with her.” OV also noted that Stonebwoy understood and respected her choice. “Stonebwoy said he would understand if I don’t want to be involved with Ayisha,” she added.

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OV’s revelations provide insight into the complexities of the music industry and the importance of artist-manager dynamics. While her association with Stonebwoy may have evolved, her commitment to making informed decisions about her career remains unwavering.

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