DJ Vyrusky Weighs In on Challenges Faced by Ghanaian Musicians in International Concerts.

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DJ Vyrusky Weighs In on Challenges Faced by Ghanaian Musicians in International Concerts

The renowned Disc Jockey, DJ Vyrusky, has added his voice to the ongoing discourse surrounding Ghanaian musicians’ struggles to garner substantial international audiences and successfully host overseas shows.

Speaking candidly on the Ladies Circle show aired on TV3, DJ Vyrusky illuminated the formidable hurdles associated with this endeavor, emphasizing the vital need for extensive promotion and meticulous strategic planning.

In his candid statement, DJ Vyrusky remarked,

“You can’t be in Ghana and expect to fill up venues like the O2 Arena in the UK without first putting in the groundwork. It simply doesn’t align. You can’t stay here and neglect the UK market as an artist, hoping to sell out a concert there.”

This discussion has sprung from a broader conversation within the music industry, exploring why Ghanaian musicians have yet to achieve significant breakthroughs in packing international arenas, a feat accomplished by their Nigerian counterparts, including global stars such as Wizkid,  Burna Boy, and Asake.

DJ Vyrusky placed significant emphasis on one critical strategy for achieving success in international concerts: collaboration with global artists. He cited notable examples, including Nigerian sensation Wizkid and the up-and-coming talent Asake, showcasing their triumphant partnerships as a pivotal factor in attracting larger audiences on the international stage.

Furthermore, DJ Vyrusky underscored the indispensable role played by event management companies in the effective promotion of overseas concerts. He stressed their significance in bringing together the essential elements required for a successful international concert, ranging from meticulous marketing strategies to seamless logistical planning and judicious venue selection.

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As Ghanaian musicians aspire to make their mark on the global music scene, DJ Vyrusky’s insights shed light on the multifaceted challenges they face. By recognizing the importance of strategic collaborations and the pivotal role played by event management professionals, artists can pave the way for more triumphant international performances and expand their reach on the global music stage.

Stay tuned for further developments in this ongoing discussion, and witness the evolution of Ghanaian music as it strives to resonate with international audiences.

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