Ghana Police Confirm Security Preparedness for Minority’s Planned Protest Against Bank of Ghana Governor

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Ghana Police Confirm Security Preparedness for Minority’s Planned Protest Against Bank of Ghana Governor

The Accra Regional Police Command has affirmed its comprehensive readiness to ensure the necessary security measures are in place for the Minority in Parliament’s slated protest against the Governor of the Bank of Ghana and his two deputies on September 5, 2023.

The demonstration is scheduled to transpire at the Bank of Ghana’s headquarters, where the Minority aims to vocalize their concerns regarding what they perceive as the mismanagement of financial resources and the subsequent economic repercussions.

Initial plans for the protest detailed a proposed route, encompassing a journey from the vicinity of Parliament House through Osu cemetery traffic light, the Ministry of Finance, the High Court Complex, Kinbu, Makola, Rawlings Park, Opera Square, culminating at the Bank of Ghana.

However, subsequent to a closed-door consultation between the police and the protest organizers, an official statement was released. The statement, issued on August 23, 2023, and undersigned by Superintendent of Police Juliana Obeng, Head of the Public Affairs Unit of the Accra Regional Police Command, indicated that the selected routes for the demonstration could potentially jeopardize public order, public safety, and essential services.

The police’s assertion led to a recommendation for the organizers to consider relocating both the designated routes and the demonstration’s endpoint. This decision was founded on the principles of upholding public order, ensuring public safety, and enabling the unhampered operation of vital services.

The Accra Regional Police Command’s engagement with the protest’s organizers was precipitated by the receipt of an official notice of public protest on August 21, 2023. The notification, originating from the office of the Minority Leader, communicated the Minority in Parliament’s intent to conduct a public protest in collaboration with various entities. The objective of the protest is to advocate for the resignation of the Governor, Deputy Governor, and Board of Directors of the Bank of Ghana.

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The police diligently performed a security evaluation of the proposed routes and the specified site for the demonstration. Following this assessment, a formal request was extended to the organizers on August 23, 2023, urging them to reconsider the demonstration’s designated routes and destination. The police expressed their readiness to cooperate with the organizers to guarantee essential security provisions during the impending protest.

With an unwavering dedication to its mandate, the Police reassured the public of its commitment to maintaining order and contributing to the nation’s democratic standing through collaborative engagement with all stakeholders.


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