MzBel laments- It’s tough reaching out to the latest crop of musicians to work with –

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MzBel laments Challenges in Collaborating with Emerging Artists in Ghana’s Music Industry

Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, the renowned Ghanaian hip-life artist recognized by her stage name MzBel, has candidly voiced the hurdles she currently encounters while striving to collaborate with budding and young musicians within the industry.

During a recent appearance on “Adwuma Adwuma” with Felicia Osei on Onua FM, MzBel underscored the difficulties she faces when attempting to initiate collaborations with emerging talents. She highlighted the reluctance and lack of interest exhibited by these young artists as a significant impediment to her efforts.

The “E dey bee” hitmaker openly acknowledged the challenges she faces in securing collaboration opportunities. She pinpointed a significant predicament: both parties hesitate to accept or decline collaboration offers, ultimately leading to a state of uncertainty.

MzBel voiced her frustration, stating,

“The new generation of artists makes the collaboration process a protracted affair. I believe that within the same industry, when an artist requires your assistance, promptness is essential.”

She accentuated the essence of efficient collaboration dynamics, especially considering that artists operate within the same creative landscape.

Moreover, MzBel expressed dissatisfaction with the explanations provided by these young artists for their hesitation. She offered an alternative perspective, advocating for transparency and cooperation in managing schedules to facilitate smoother collaborations. She opined that rather than outrightly rejecting collaboration opportunities, a more open and candid approach among artists could streamline the process.

The talented songstress revealed that her efforts to collaborate with emerging talents have been largely unfruitful due to the prevailing challenges she described. MzBel acknowledged that she has refrained from pursuing collaborative ventures due to the complexities of engaging the new and young artists.

Reflecting on her past collaborative experiences, MzBel expressed appreciation for artists with whom she has successfully worked. She particularly lauded the late Castro, Kofi Kinaata, Shiloh, and Screw Face as individuals she enjoyed collaborating with.

“I have not extensively engaged in artist collaborations, but my positive experiences have included working with Castro, who made me feel at ease. Additionally, I have collaborated with Kofi Kinaata, Shiloh, and Screw Face,”

she elaborated.

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Beyond her musical pursuits, MzBel is a notable entrepreneur and a global ambassador for individuals with disabilities. Since her emergence in 2006, MzBel has captured the hearts of Ghanaians with hit songs like “16 years,” “Awoso me,” “E dey bee,” “Asibolanaga,” and “Saucy Girl.”


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