ECOWAS Regional army chiefs ready to intervene in Niger if need arises

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ECOWAS Regional army chiefs Poised for Potential Military Action to Reinstate Democracy in Niger

 The military leaders of the West African nations have affirmed their readiness to employ force in the event that diplomatic efforts prove insufficient to reinstate democratic governance in Niger, following the coup that transpired last month.

Convening in Ghana, the generals representing the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) are engaging in a strategic collaboration to strategize and coordinate a prospective military intervention.

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Abdel-Fatau Musah, the Ecowas Peace and Security Commissioner, asserted that an overwhelming majority of member states have made a commitment to furnish troops and are fully prepared to partake in a potential intervention in Niger.

Musah conveyed that there exists an opportunity for the coup leaders in Niger to retreat from their current course of action, emphasizing that the window for peaceful resolution remains open. However, he underscored that if the restoration of civilian rule is not achieved, all possible courses of action are being considered. The impending prospect of intervention has elicited concerns about the possibility of a broader conflict escalation, as the military regimes in Mali and Burkina Faso have expressed solidarity with their counterparts in Niger.

ECOWAS Military Chiefs Conclude Meeting in Accra, Outlining Strategy for Potential Military Intervention in Nige

Ecowas officials have articulated plans to allocate their resources to support the participating troops, while also expressing a willingness to accept assistance from external sources.

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