Davido Playfully Responds to Fan Embarking on 800km Bike Journey to Meet Him

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Davido Playfully Responds to Fan Embarking on 800km Bike Journey to Meet Him

Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Davido has taken to social media to respond to an ardent fan who embarked on an extraordinary bike journey spanning 800 kilometers from Benue State to Lagos with the sole intention of meeting him in person. The music icon humorously tweeted that he wouldn’t be available at home, playfully adding a twist to the situation. “Turn around I’m not home,” Davido wrote, subtly alluding to his hit song “Unavailable”.

The devoted fan, Davido Playfully Responds to who goes by the name Emmiwuks on Twitter, remained resolute and unwavering in his mission to meet his musical idol. Emmiwuks, in a show of admiration, expressed his desire to present a gift to Davido as a token of appreciation for his latest album “Timeless”, referring to the superstar as a “living legend”.

Covering a distance of 800 kilometers from Benue to Lagos, the journey typically spans over 13 hours by car or six days on foot, as estimated by Google Maps. Currently, Emmiwuks is on the ninth day of his remarkable journey, as chronicled on his X account, formerly known as Twitter. Throughout his expedition, he has documented his voyage and shared images of his journey through various states.

During his journey, Emmiwuks was seen with a prominently displayed poster of Davido affixed to his bike, symbolizing his unwavering dedication to his musical idol.

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Notably, the fan encountered a challenge on his journey, prompting a bike repair along the way. Despite these hurdles, his spirit remained undaunted as he continued his voyage to meet Davido.

The fan’s extraordinary journey underscores the profound connection that music can foster between artists and their fans. While Davido playfully teased his unavailability, the dedication displayed by Emmiwuks serves as a testament to the power of music to inspire and unite individuals across geographical boundaries. As this unique journey unfolds, it serves as a captivating reminder of the deep impact that artists can have on their fans’ lives.

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