Free Web host: Guidelines on how you can submit a domain, get approval and become Viewen user


How to submit domain, get approval and become Viewen user

To Submit a domain for approval (Viewen) is not difficult, all you need to do now is to heed to the following steps instructions stated below.

Your domain will be transfered automatically to viewen, even If your domain is hosted in another web hosting company, including paid and free. There won’t be any charges at all, it’s free.

But, your domain must be paid (.com, net, etc) and free domain, such as or

First Step 

if you are not a user of the world top Free Cloud web hosting site, you have to sign up with Viewen or login if you are already a member.

Second Step 

write to viewen support team (open a ticket) in any of the servers you choose, for example, write to London support teams.

Write to them tell them about the blog or website you wish to host on there server, alongside the already registered domain name. For example,

For non-copyrighted materials (example 1): Hello, I am your name I wish to host my site domain name on viewen and I need support on that.

The contents that will publish on my website is, state the kinds or types of content that will be published on the website, blog or if there is any other purpose you wish to use the domain, indicate here


Your Full name

For copyrighted items (example 2): in addition to example one you will be asked to upload your copyrights document for review. (scrow down and find an upload files button, select the file and upload).

(If the first file you upload was rejected, the reason for the action will be unveiled to you, so you upload another. Remember, you must get the second step right before proceeding to the third step).

Third Step

For Example, You May Be ask the following questions:

  1. What is the site going to be about (contents that will be published)?
  2. Is this a new or existing project? Have you hosted this elsewhere, and if you have why are you leaving?
  3. How will you ensure that your account is not used for spamming or phishing
  4. Do you have a friend or someone else that is already hosting with us? If so, which account are they hosting with us?
  5. Will you obey our terms of services?

N/B: Every question asked must be answered accordingly and in favour of Viewen membership policy’s.

Fourth Step 

wait for an approval mail, Follow the instructions on the mail to set up your account. Remember, check your email frequently so as to know when you have received a reply.


Note: This steps and instructions stated above are ready for use only for Web developers, but if you wish to get a website or blog and you are not a Web developer, this process and procedures maybe confusing. Find a Web developer, share this content to them and ask them to use this free Web Cloud hosting company for your website or blog, because, it is forever free. No wasting money for paid hosting company that cannot be reliable. If it’s difficult Finding a Web developer and you like this website, contact our developer here: [Email: or Facebook].

If You have any Difficulties, Ask Questions (Drop Comments or leave a reply) below;



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