We expected President Buhari to seek re-election, says PDP

Senator Ahmed Makarfi said President Muhammadu Buhari’s of the All Progressives Congress, declaration of interest to contest the 2019 presidential election was “no news” to Nigerians.

Makarfi, who was the former Governor of Kaduna State, lamented that as far as the Peoples Democratic Party was concerned, expectations have always been that Buhari will run; maintaining that nothing would change the party’s resolve to “do the needful.”

He said, “For me, it should be news only if the announcement had been that he will not seek re-election.”

He added that it has always been the expectation of PDP that Buhari would run for the 2019 presidential election.

“For the PDP, our expectations have always been that he will run; so, nothing changes in our resolve to do the needful.

“What the country needs is mature, issues-based clean contest,” Makarfi, who is also the immediate past national caretaker chairman of the PDP said.

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