11 Rules you must implement to achieve success in Life

By Marvin Duru: 11 Rules you must implement to achieve success in Life

A man without success is a man without friend, unfortunately many people don’t know the necessary things to do, to live a successful life.

The funniest part is that everyone wants success, nobody wants to fail. Success I mean here is not actually talking of money. For example; a househelp needs to achieve success in all the house chores given to him/her. Nobody want to travel half-way but want to get to their various destination successful.

However, we all need success in every area of our life, conscious or unconsciously.  Success is “inevitable.”

There are Nine required rules to implement to make your life a success. They are:

1. Resilience: You have to be dogged and committed to your goals this year.

2. Environment (Location): You may need to change your physical location if you want to make massive impact and income. You may have all the skills and qualifications but if you continue to play in the pond of life you may not hit it big.

3. Environment (Relationship): It is imperative that you get a team you can win with; stay away from people who always laugh at your values, it has a way of draining you emotionally.

You have to get rid of scornful people; stay around team players and not people who are always competing with you.

4. Humility: This rule will require you to be humble, vulnerable and teachable. You will need to get comfortable with criticism especially from someone whom you respect if you want to succeed in achieving your goals.

5. Order: A life without order is a life that would lack excellence. Always have a checklist for every important activity you will undertake this year to ensure excellence and order because excellence will require order.

Just like airline companies have a pre-flight checklist for every flight you need to have same for your life.

6. Build in People Skills: You have to learn how to get along with people because money is not in places but in people. You need to learn how to create a likeable personality.

Find points of connection with people instead of points of difference. Learn how to approach people and break the ice. You would need to become a great conversationalist.

When you meet with people, get them to talk about themselves by asking great questions like;

  1. What was the high point of your day?
  2. What did you do today?

To be a great conversationalist you’d need to know a little about everything.

Also, try to remember people’s name. It is the best sound that turns people on. One way to remember people name is to use all your senses. Say the name of the person over and over again.

Lastly, remember to wear a smile at all times because no one wants to approach someone with a grumpy face.

N/B: Whenever you meet with people in a formal setting, never give out your business card except they ask for it instead tilt the scales; be the one to ask for their business cards or contact details and always follow up with the contacts.

7. Build Your Self Esteem: Self esteem is basically how you feel about yourself.

There is an internal and external ways of improving your self esteem. External ways may include the following; dress well, wear high heels, smell good, become an avid reader and learner so that you can bring value to the table.

Internal ways include being careful of the things that go into you. Stand guard at the gate of your subconscious official mind. Don’t play off things that make you feel uncomfortable or depressed. Look at life from a deeper point of view.

8. You Have To Be Resourceful: Nobody wants to hang around a leech or a parasite that don’t impact lives, but take from others.

Become a connector. Always have something to offer. Do not be an “I Don’t Know Person”.

“You can get everything you want in life if you help others get what they want in life” – Zig Ziglar.

9. Self Management: You need to learn how to manage yourself. You will not always have people to push you around and tell you what to do.

You have to become a slave to your schedule. Don’t let other people’s emergency become your emergencies.

10. Focus. No successful person give way to distraction, from family, friends, well wishers, etc. Focus is one major tool that should be put into work.

A successful man does not listen to rumours or negative talks about them. What so ever thing they do, they keep the head light on and the speed still on top.

No successful man is without a hater. Haters will always say what they think about you, but your duty to maintain what you think about yourself.

We are living in a word of where lies over shadow truth. Majority hates truths and embrace lies. They love spreading lies more than the truth, especially when the victim is in the darkest part of there mind – Hatred.

Giving your ears to rumours about you will always distract your attention, react when necessary and learn tolerance.

11. Be Accountable:  something about accountability, is that  accountable people are always trustworthy.

Never be a forgetful person, always be accountable for anything kept under your care. Nobody needs an “I don’t care”.

For Example: just imagine giving out $1 million, to someone you want to invest on, to hold for you. After sometimes you come back for your money and could get $500,000 dollars out of the money. The most annoying part will be, when he could not give account of the money.

Can you trust that person with any valuable again? now tell me, if that person could do the same to other people. How could he be given a contract that will blow his financial life?

Some Book Recommendations:

Some recommended books needed to boost understanding on this are as follows:

  1. As A Man Thinketh – Authored by James Allen
  2. How To Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
  3. How To Become a Rainmaker – Jeffery J. Fox
  4. The Organized Mind – Daniel J. Levitin
  5. On Managing Yourself – Harvard Business Review.
  6. The Master Key System – Charles Hennel
  7. Business Systems From The Bible – Rabbi Daniel
  8. How To Make Money Out Of Thin Air – Brain Sher
  9. I Can Make You Rich – Paul McKenner

Audio Resource.

Some recommended audio takes to help gain understanding on this course are listed below:

  1. Power Networking – Brain Tracy
  2. Creativity Triggers – John Obidi


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