4 Highest paying Google adsense alternative trusted ad programs

Adsense alternative

Google adsense application approval is normally difficult to get, so there is 4 Highest paying Google adsense alternative trusted ad programs to sign up with until you get an adsense approval, as the Joy of Every successful Blogger begins when they start earning money from there blogs and websites.

In most cases money are needed for Internet subscription purchase and paying of staffs and other personal needs. The most enjoyable part of blogging is the money generating aspect of it.

The Number one highest pay per click Ad network remain Google adsense, that is the why getting approval to its program takes lots of work, like huge content and Organic Traffics, to be in the competitive line of getting approval from them.

While waiting for Adsense approval, there are other high paying Alternatives to Google adsense contextual ad network with other enjoyable benefits attached to it.

These other Ad program companies may not be liken to Adsense but it is manageable and advisable to earn money from them while waiting for adsense approval.

1. BidVertiser
adsense alternative





This is a Top Google adsense alternative ads network. The Ad network company pay by number of impression gotten from the website or blog.

It is very easy to get approval from the ad network and also very easy to start making money with its referrer services. You can use Banners or Pop up or slides ads to advertise on your blog.

The minimum payout out for users on there platform is as follows:
PayPal – $10
Payza – $10
Check – $100
Bank Wire – $500

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2. Adsterra
adsense alternative






This is another recommended adsense alternatives for Bloggers. This ad network pays for both impression and click on the ads.

Adsterra pays there publishers weekly, where you can Make more or less than $10 per week.

You can use Banner ads to advertise on your site, using HTML code. One interesting part of this ad network is that the ad displayed urge viewers to click on it it. Thereby having enough click whenever users visit your website or blog.

Minimum Payout to users using there platform is as follows:

PayPal, Payza, bitcoin, webmoney, paxum and epayments is $100

Bank wire transfer is $1000

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3. Adnow
adsense alternative





This is another Adsense alternative, it is also known as a native ad platform. Adnow ad network is use in monetizing traffic with various ways of placing the ad on your blog.

Adnow pays publishers when ever visitors view and click on the ads.

Minimum paypal payout is – $20

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4. Clicksor.
adsense alternative






Clicksor is another recommended Adsense alternative ads network. The company offers contextual ads on any blog that the HTML code is applied.

Getting Clicksor approval is quite easy than some of other Adsense alternative ad networks.

The minimum payout users get from the ad network are as follows:
PayPal – $50
Check – $100
Wire Transfer – $1000

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